Differences between Aki Lashes Volume Lashes

Whether you are a beginning lash artist, have intermediate experience, or have years in the lashing industry, there is surely a type of volume lash that you have preference to.
All Lash Extensions at Aki Lashes will be 100% vegan, faux mink lashes, Cruelty-Free, and made from top grade environmental PBT material. Aki Lashes offers 3 different types of Volume Lashes, one of which is sure to be your favorite. They are our Rapid Smart Russian Lashes, our Smart Russian Lashes and our Regular Volume Lashes.
Here are the differences between our Rapid Smart Russian, Smart Russian and our Regular Volume lash extensions.
Our Rapid Smart Russian lashes are one of our newest lashes and are known as our easy fanning lashes. They have 3 layers of lash extensions and are best suited for making mega volume fans and mega volume styling.
They have a unique adhesive at the lash strip that prevents the volume fans from separating at the base, allowing you to create the perfect fan within seconds. Best of all, the lashes stay bonded together when pulled off the strip for ease and fewer error.
Next is our  Smart Russian Lashes, which are another form of easy fanning lashes at Aki Lashes. Our Smart Russian lashes have 2 layers of lash extensions and are great for working quickly to make full volume fans.
They have the same adhesive base as the Rapid Smart Russian lashes for easier handling and fan making.
Our Regular Volume Lashes are great for beginners or for more subtle sets.
They feature a single layer of lashes and are compatible with all volume fanning techniques.

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