Classic Bundle

Classic Bundle

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If you are going for a natural look, cat eye or doll eye the classic bundle is perfect for you! Great starter kit for lashers that want to get started right away.

Kit Includes:

0.15 C 8-11mm Tray

0.15 C 12-15mm Tray

0.15 C 16-18mm Tray

0.12 D 8-11mm Tray

0.12 D 12-15mm Tray

0.12 D 16-18mm Tray

Flat Lash 0.15 C 8-11mm Tray

0.15 C 12-15mm Tray

Flat Lash 0.15 C 16-18mm Tray

AKI001 tweezer

AKI002 tweezer 

Volume/Classic Rapid Lash Adhesive 10ml


3 Eyepatches 

Lash Bonder

Bladeless Fan

Cream Remover

Cleanser Primer


Applicator Wands

Practice Tray