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Creative Classic

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Let your artistic side flourish by adding some color to your lash sets. Create different dimensions with vibrant or neutral colors. 

Kit Includes:

Blue/ Purple 0.15 C 12-15 

Light Brown/ Dark Brown 0.15 C 12-15 

Burgundy 0.15 C 12-15 

Pink/ Hot Pink 0.15 C 12-15 

White/ Lilac 0.15 C 12-15 

Red/ Green 0.15 C 12-15 

Sky Blue/ Teal 0.15 C 12-15 

Grey / Silver 0.15 C 12-15 

Butterfly Mirror

Bling Ring

AKI001 tweezer

AKI002 tweezer 


 Black Marble Lash Pallet


Applicator Wands