Teeth Whitening and Tooth Gem Class

Learn Teeth Whitening and How to Apply Tooth Gems!

About this experience


(Non-refundable deposit to hold your spot. Payment plans available) 

Description of the Class: 
This class covers all knowledge and basic skills you need to get started as a teeth whitening and tooth gem artist. You will learn multiple techniques, health & safety precautions, proper preparation, sculpting tips & tricks, post-op instructions, sanitation & decontamination procedures, business basics, practice time on a live model, and so much more!



PACKAGE 1: $1,250 

  • Teeth Whitening Machine

  • Bib Clips

  • 2x Goggles

  • 10x Cheek Retractors

  • 10x Teeth Whitening Gels 

  • 1x Vitamin E Oil

  • 100x Cotton Swabs 

  • 50x Disposable Cups 

  • 100x Microbrushes 

  • 1x Lip Lubricant

  • Dental Bibs 

  • 3D Teeth Shade Chart 

PACKAGE 2: $1,750 

Included Both Full Kits for Teeth Whitening and Tooth Gems 

Package 3: $650 

  • LED Teeth Light

  • Tooth Gem Variety Kit 

  • Tooth Gem Adhesive 

How Much Money Can You Make?

Here is an example of your future income.

10 clients a week @ $150 =




5 hours/Week

20 Clients a week @$75=




4 hours/Week 


There will be a 30min lunch break

No experience or prior training needed to take this class. Certificate is presented at end of class.

Aki Lashes certificate is only to certify our teeth whitening and tooth gem training. Please check with your local state board for licensing requirements. 


For additional questions, concerns, and payment plan options please contact us directly



Your Host

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Beauty industry educator of 4 years with certification in teeth whitening, tooth gems, lash extensions, lash lifts, body sculpting, and laser hair removal.