How to Re-use Your Trays and Make Your Salon More Eco-friendly

Happy Earth Day from Aki Lashes!
In honor of our planet, we want to share with you some tips and trick on how to make your salon more eco-friendly and how unique ways to use your lash trays.  Because everyday should be earth day!
Your Salon
In your salon, be sure to turn off any lights you are not using. Also turn off your air conditioning and heating before leaving the salon for the night. You can go a step further by switching to LED lightbulbs, and sealing your room for drafts to use energy more efficiently.
You can donate used lash brushes to Appalachian Wildlife Refuge to help care for rescued wild life. Your donated brushes are used to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur and feathers of wild animals.
 Donate your wands here: WANDS FOR WILDLIFE
(Image credit: Appalachian Wildlife Refuge)
If you are local to Aki lashes HQ, we are happy to collect your brushed and help donate them to these rescue organizations.
Use cruelty free products in your lash salon, like Aki Lashes.
All of our lashes are 100% vegan and faux mink.
Set up an easy recycling system in your salon to ensure you are properly disposing of your waste in the least impactful way.
These are just a few changes you can make to create a greener salon. Little actions like this help save the planet, and let your clients know that you care.
Lash Trays
Aki Lashes signature lash trays have life beyond one trick single use. Here are a few creative ways to use and re-use your Aki lash trays:
  1. For our newer trays: Elevated your lash palette. If you work off the lash tray as a lash palette, you can flip the clear top, and slide in the tray to elevate your lash pallet.
  1. Client Lash Organizers: Once you are done with a lash case, you can remove the backing sticker on the palette for a clean case. Use this case to organize lashes for specific clients. If you have clients who always get the same length and style, have their lashes ready before they enter the salon and speed up your appointment times. Label these with client names for impressive organization.
  1. Client after care kits: If you empty a case, you can remove the backer card, and use this case as an aftercare kit for your client. Include an appointment card, lash brush, and applicator wands. This personal touch goes a long way for new clients.
  1. Prep Pre-Made Fans: Make volume fans in advance and use your empty lash trays to keep them safe.
  1. Organize Your Space: Aki Lashes trays still function when stacked. Organize your lash trays vertically, and never worry about moving things around, Simply hold the top of your stack, and pull out the tray you need.
We hope you enjoy your Aki Lashes more than ever after learning these versatile tricks specific to Aki Lashes lash cases.

We would love to hear your ideas on how we can continue to celebrate.
Let us know down below!

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