Meet our Tweezer AKI011.

Back by popular demand for its comfortable grip and flawless pick up. This is the first time having the tweezer back under Aki Lashes.⁠ This volume tweezer was specially engineered to have the perfect angle, grip, and spring for picking up and attaching lashes so you do not experience any fatigue. This volume tweezer was also mechanically designed to appeal to lash artists who have a different need and/or preference than our original AKI001 Volume tweezers. With this tweezer you can pick up even the thinnest 0.03 mm lashes and fan with ease.
This professional eyelash extension tweezer has a precise closure on the curved tip allows for tight grip of the eyelash extension and helps with the meticulously accurate placement of your fans. ⁠ What’s also great about its angled tip is that it is the perfect tweezer to switch between Volume fan pick up and Isolation. Use it however you want to! Made from stainless steel for more a sturdy and dynamic feel. Because it is stainless steel, it is also resistant to rust unlike other metals.
Choosing the best eyelash extension tweezers is the first step in creating a perfect set of eyelash extensions. Find your dream tweezer, here! Pick up our AKI011 Tweezer today and add it to your collection! You can purchase it on our website at⁠
Happy lashing

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