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Aki Lashes

Lash Nebulizer

Lash Nebulizer

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Our nebulizer is designed to provide the perfect amount of moisture to quickly and effectively cure eyelash extension adhesive at the end of the set. Clients will experience less irritation from fumes. 

By attaching the nozzle and rubber cover, you can get closer to the lash line as the nebulizer releases ultra-fine, cloud-like mist.

Compared to a nano mister, the water particles that come out of the nebulizer are 100 times smaller, which will not wet your clients’ faces but instead, provides a soothing relief.

The push button on the back of the nebulizer also allows you to remove container, making it compact and easy to take with you!


  • Nebulizer with removable container
  • Nozzle
  • Rubble Nozzle cover
  • Nozzle cap
  • USB cable

How to use:

  1. Insert 2 AA batteries at the bottom of the nebulizer OR plug in nebulizer with the USB cable included
  2. Open top container
  3. Pour distilled water and lock container
  4. Press front power button to begin releasing mist
  5. Hold 6-8 inches away from contact, only the tail of the mist should hit the lashes
  6. Sweep back and forth between eyes

Weight: 3.7 oz


1.57” x 2.5” 

Height: 4”

*Do not overuse this product. Clean the water out daily if used. 

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