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Too Hot Lash Adhesive 5ml

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Aki Lashes Too Hot Adhesive is specially formulated to have a no rush dry time making this glue great for beginners or lash artists in high humidity climates.

No rush dry time in standard lashing environments of 50-60% humidity.

Faster dry time in humidity above 60%.  

Extra water molecules in the air of highly humid climates cause adhesives to dry faster.

This is the best eyelash adhesives for beginners, as well as the best eyelash adhesive for high humidity.

All Adhesives now come with 10 lint free wipes and 2 pin needles.

Can be used for both classic and volume lashes.

Dry Time: 5-6 seconds

Color: Black

Size: 5ML

Temperature: 65-77 F (18-25c)

Humidity: 40-60%

All adhesives have a 30 day shelf life from the time it is open and should be opened within 2 weeks of receiving.

Please store in a cool and dry place. 

Shake side to side for at least 30 seconds prior to use, glue drops should be changed out every 20-30 minutes for best results.