Aki Lashes Curl Chart

Aki Lashes Curl Chart

What Curl is right for you?



Aki Lashes has a wide size range and array of Lashes for you to choose from, to curate a unique look for your clients. No matter how curly their natural lashes may be or their eye shape, we can assure you that there is a lash out there for them and their desired look is attainable.


When deciding on lashes for your client, figuring out which lash extension curl will look best on your client can be tricky. As mentioned before, clients eye shapes are all different and their natural lashes, as well. This is why it is important to figure out which lashes you will be using on your client before the appointment, as well as what curl is best suited for the style they want and how to achieve it. When purchasing lashes from Aki Lashes, you can choose from B, C, D, D+ and LD+ curls.

Here we have a digital image of the curls we carry and more facts about each curl.



-has a fairly straight base with the slightest lift at the ends.

-This is the least curly lash we carry.

-For more natural looks and can give a very full look.

-Not recommended for clients that have downward pointed lashes.

-Recommended for: If you want eyes to appear bigger.



-The base has a short and straight base with natural curling ends.

-Suitable for every eye shape.

-Great on Almond Eyes, which are very common.

-On the lighter end, gives a slight lift to your client’s eyes without looking too heavy or dramatic but can be used to create dramatic looks too.

-Gives clients a wide eye effect.

-Recommended on Wide-set eyes. Curlier lashes may cause discomfort because extension may touch client’s eyelid.



-Similar base to the C curl but with an more extreme curl as it lifts to the ends.

-Perfect on lashes that naturally curl.
-Our most popular curl that will add dramatic effect and more defined eyes.

-PURRfect for cat eye looks.

Recommended on: Close set eyes and downturned eyes.



-Dramatically opens up eyes.

-Perfect for Doll eye style/look.

-Not suitable for deep set eyes or hooded eyes.

-This curl has the most lift, which makes it more visible above the lash line.

-Perfect for clients that request the most dramatic eye sets.

-Recommended on: Prominent eyes and half circle shaped eyes


-For eyes that want to achieve maximum lift.

-Straight base should attach to natural lash and curl part should provide lift above lash line.

-Recommended on: Clients that have Deep-set eyes, hooded eyes, or straight and downward pointing lashes that want a lift.


As you look through your lashes and analyze what curl you should use on your client, do keep in mind that all curls may be used on your clients eyes but not all curls may be suitable for each eye shape. Using a curl or size that is not suitable may damage your clients natural eye, cause discomfort, or may be give a less dramatic look that your client might not be happy with. This is why your options for just curls are so wide and rich. Remember to look at their eye shape and look at how curly their natural lashes are. Then you can proceed with what lashes to use. There are so many things that factor into what lashes you should use on your clients.


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