Aki Lashes has an App!

Aki Lashes now has an App!
We have just launched our very own app!
Now it is easier than ever to shop for your lashing needs, right from your phone's home screen!
Right when you open our app, you will see collections containing the lashes you know and love. You can find Regular Classic and Volume lashes, Smart Russian, and Pre-made fans. When you click into them, you will see a grid layout of all the different sizes we carry in each lash. You will also see other essentialcollections like Cleansers and Primers, Adhesives, Tweezers, and Accessories in this grid.
With our new Aki Lashes app you will be the first to know about sales, redeem lashing points, and more
The app is not just for shopping!
You can easily access all of our social media pages on the app, including instagram, youtube, blog and more from the app. Scroll to the bottom of our home page and you will see 4 round icons at the bottom that will lead you to all of our informational sites! Look through our Instagram Feed and look at all the educational material we offer. Look through our Youtube page and watch all of our tutorials.
To access your lash points club and to make a purchase, you will need to log in to your Aki Lashes account.
Use the same information to log in as the Aki Lashes website.
All shipping options, payment options, and discounts are available on the Aki Lashes app.
Also, if you have questions about your order, you can email or call us directly on the app through the drop down menu on the left hand side.
Head to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to download our app today!
Happy Lashing!

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