Business and Accounting Class: What's Changed?

Business and Accounting Class: What's Changed?

Discover the Enhanced Business and Accounting 101 Course!

We're excited to introduce the latest enhancements to our Business and Accounting 101 Course. Designed for both aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals, this course provides essential financial knowledge to empower your journey. Join us either in person or through zoom, build a career quality business with Aki Lashes!

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: For just $150, gain exclusive access to 42 lessons with 1.5 hours of engaging video content. Learn key topics such as tax planning, financial management, and more.
  • Expert Insights: We've expanded our horizons with new business professionals, ensuring diverse perspectives and expertise.

  • Guided Learning: Our instructors are committed to supporting you whether you're starting a venture or refining financial strategies.

  • Interactive Experience: Enjoy unlimited online access and participate in live sessions where you can ask questions, gain insights, and network with peers.

  • Practical Resources: Downloadable worksheets facilitate applying theoretical concepts directly to your business endeavors.

  • Actionable Knowledge: Learn about topics like 1099 contractors vs. employees, types of taxes, and practical tax filing strategies.

Join Us Today

Redefine your approach to business and accounting education with us. Whether you're exploring new entrepreneurial ventures or seeking to enhance your professional skills, our course is tailored to meet your needs.

Invest in your future success. Enroll in Business and Accounting 101 now and transform your financial literacy into business success!

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