How to use our NEW Glass Adhesive Palette

How to use our NEW Glass Adhesive Palette

Meet your adhesive's new BFF!⁠
Our new Glass Adhesive Palette is a game changer.
What is there to love about this palette? Well, for one it is TOTALLY REUSABLE!  It cleans up so easily! But also, it is eco-friendly and long lasting, which who doesn’t love?
If you are looking for the perfect accessory that is going to step up your game, look no further because you have found it!
Cleaning up Your Glass Palette
To get started, add a drop of your favorite adhesive on one of the indented spaces when you are ready to work on your client. The indented space will help control how much adhesive to place on the palette and, therefore how much adhesive gets on the fan’s base. Once you have used your adhesive drop as much as you can (we recommend 20-30 minutes), add a drop of water from a dropper into each glue drop to polymerize the adhesive.⁠
Adhesive Polymerization
Lash Adhesive Polymerization happens when the ingredient cyanoacrylate in adhesives comes in contact with any form of moisture, whether it be vapor in the air or a drop of water. When cyanoacrylate and water meet, they start to react to one another called polymer and, thus, a white film will begin to form on top of the adhesive. This is why it is important for your lashes to not get wet the first 24 hours after getting them done. Until the adhesive sets, it can still react to moisture and cause your eyes to irritate. Once adhesive coming into contact with the droplet, it will start to become solid overtime. Once your set is done with your client, you can use any end of a wand to poke and peel off the polymerized adhesive before it completely dries out. Do not use your tweezer, as this may damage the ends.

If you manage to forget to drop a water droplet on the adhesive after you are done with the adhesive, another thing you may do is drop a droplet of acetone on adhesive and let it soak in it for a couple seconds. You will then be able to use a lint free wipe to wipe it clean off the palette. Acetone should be the last resort in cleaning off your palette because it is considered hazardous waste being that it is flammable. Keep it eco-friendly and still to water for an easy clean-up!
Other similar adhesive palettes on the market will not compare to this one. Most of them are disposable because they are made from plastic. While plastic does have some reusability, it will not last forever. Plastic gets worn, discolored, and damaged much more easily than our glass palette. Because it is glass, it makes it much easier to clean off and extends the life of the palette.  Our tray is environmental and eco-friendly. No tossing away this tray because you won’t need to.
To purchase your new Adhesive Glass Palette, head on over to or click the link below.




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