Lash Extension Curl Chart

Lash Extension Curl Chart

Aki Lashes Curl Chart


B Curl - are the straightest and suitable for natural looking sets. Short lengths can be used on bottom lashes.

C Curl - is a more popular option for a natural set and are more versatile.

D Curl - A dramatic curl, popular with many clients and one of our best sellers. They are suitable for use on clients with straight lashes or downward facing lashes.

D+ Curl - Great for clients seeking a more glamor look. Avoid using these on round or prominent eyes. They are great for downward facing natural lashes.

LD+ Curl - Great for clients that have natural straight lashes. The base is straight and curls to provide a lift.

M Curl - A straight base with a ultra dramatic curl, perfect for hooded eyes or straight lashes.

L Curl - Great for clients that have straight or downward pointing natural lashes. The straight base creates an eyeliner effect.

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