Lash Extension Supply List for Beginners

Lash Extension Supply List for Beginners

Starting your own lashing setup at home or in a professional location can be overwhelming. Starting to build your supplies from scratch and not being sure of what you do and don’t need. We’ve put together this list of lash artist essentials that will be everything you need to get started as a lash artist. You may want to upgrade items as your business grows but this will be a great starting point.
 Below we will list some links to some of our favorite items for beginner lash artists. Be sure to keep track of all your expenses for tax purposes.

Lash Room Set Up

Lash Bed : Great starter bed for lash artists with adjustable back rest

Blanket : Simply cozy blanket durable for regular washing

Bolster : Relieves pressure on the lower back for clients

Hygrometer : Tells temperature and humidity in your lash room. This is important for adhesive use.

Supply Trolly : Holds all lash supplies

Rolling Chair : Comfortable rolling stool with back support



Lash Artists Tools and Supplies 

Lash extensions : Professional grade lash extensions. 

Lash Palette : Used for holding lash extension strips during a lash appointment. 

Tweezer Adhesive Remover : Used to remove adhesive stuck inside the grip of your lash extension tweezers.

Microtip Applicators : Used to apply cleanser, primer, or bonder to the natural lashes or extensions.

Storage Containers : Used to store clean lash supples in your workspace

Lint Free Wipes : Used to clean adhesive bottle tips and blot moisture from watery eyes.

Lash Brushes : Used to brush out lash extensions during the lash appointment.

Eye Wash Bottles : Used to irrigate the eye during lash baths or in case of irritation.

Cleansing Brush : Used with lash bath or by clients for at home cleansing.

Lash Tape : Professional grade skin safe lash tape for manipulating the eyelid and covering lower lashes.

Foaming Lash Cleanser : Used for lash baths and client home care.

Eye Patches : Used to protect the under eye area and lower lashes.

Applicator Wands : Used to apply cleanser, primer, or bonder to the natural lashes or extensions.

Lash Bonder : Used to cure lash adhesive at the end of a lash appointment.

Handheld Fan : Used to evaporate moisture on the natural lashes and extensions.

Lash Cleanser Primer : Used to clean the natural lashes of excess dirt or oil.

Lash Extension Adhesive : Professional grade lash adhesive used to apply lash extensions.

Lash Tweezers : High quality and durable tweezers for lash extension application. You will need both an isolation tweezer and pickup tweezer.


Safety and Sanitation Items

Face Masks : Use to prevent infection from bodily fluid transmissions.

Spray Bottles : Used for disinfectant dilute solutions.

Barbicide : Used for tool and workspace decontamination.

Disinfectant Jar : Used to submerge tools in disinfectant solution.

Sterile Tool Bags : Used to keep and store decontaminated implements.

Trash Can : Used for disposing single use items during a lash appointment.


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