Lash Weights 101

Lash Weights 101



Hey lash babes, today we will be discussing how to convert lash weights. As you may know, every client has a unique set of lashes. The specific length or diameter that works for one client may not necessarily work for the next person which is why understanding how to convert lash weights is useful information for every lash artist. Converting lash weights is necessary to help you figure out the correct way of allocating the lash weight to fit your client’s needs. Applying lashes that may be too heavy or long can cause the extensions to fall and potentially cause damage to your clients natural lashes.

Let’s look at the example above, if a client has a .15 diameter natural lash, how many .05 diameter extensions will you be able to apply to their natural lash? The answer using the formula above is 9. It would not be recommended to use more than 9 lash extensions on this particular client because it can cause damage to the natural lash.

The formula will come in handy for every lash artist but we know you’re all boss babes and let's be real, nobody has the time for that. Visit our website again next week and we will have a lash conversion chart ready for you to download and save.

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