The Best Way to Cure Eyelash Extension Adhesive

Say hello to our new Lash Nebulizer! Within seconds, this nebulizer works to provide the perfect amount of moisture to effectively solidify and cure any eyelash extension adhesive.

This nebulizer can benefit any lash artist as it is lightweight, easy to use and does the job successfully! The push button on the back of the nebulizer also allows you to remove container, making it compact and easy to take with you.

 By attaching the nozzle and rubber cover, you can get closer to the lash line as the nebulizer releases ultra-fine, cloud-like mist. Compared to a nano mister, the water particles that come out of the nebulizer are 100 times smaller, which will not wet your clients’ faces but instead, provides a soothing relief.

How to use our nebulizer:

  1. Insert 2 AA batteries at the bottom of the nebulizer OR plug in nebulizer with the USB cable included
  2. Open top container
  3. Pour distilled water and lock container
  4. Press front power button to begin releasing mist

It’s easy as 1-2-3!

Don’t let size fool you, something so small can easily be a game changer in your eyelash extension routine. Our new Lash Nebulizer is available on our website for $70, don’t miss out!

Written by: Mary Amontos

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