Why you need a Hygrometer

Why you need a Hygrometer



Humidity and temperature are major keys to long lasting retention when it comes to lash extensions.

All the skill in the world will be useless, If you are not curing your adhesives in ideal conditions, or have the knowledge to work around environmental difficulties. 

Keeping a hygrometer in your lash studio will allow you to know both the temperature and humidity levels in your space.

This is important because, the amount of moisture in a room, combined with how hot or cold a room is, will affect how the extension the bond to the natural lash


When using Aki Lashes Adhesives, the ideal temperature is around 67-77 degrees.

While the ideal humidity, is about 50-60% 

With a humidity level below 50%, use a humidifier to bring more moisture into your lash studio. Run this before and during your lash appointment. Keep an eye on your hygrometer to ensure the humidity does not pass 60%.


To bring down humidity, use a fan, or run the air conditioning in the space.

If high humidity is common in your area, you may look into a dehumidifier, rather than a humidifier.


If you don’t have a thermostat in your salon, you can adjust temperatures using fans or small heaters, but you may face much difficulty in maintaining ideal lashing conditions throughout the year.


Humidity too low, and the glue dries slow.

When the adhesives dry slowly, it extends the time the eye is exposed to fumes from the adhesive, potentially resulting in eye irritation.

Slow drying glue can also cause lashes to stick together, if you are not holding your isolation long enough or have used too much adhesive, you may find yourself removing stuck lashes.


When the humidity is too high, glue dries too quickly.

This can result in poor attachment to the natural lash, and a more brittle bond, causing loss of retention.

Using more glue may help you working around high humidity, but this can become too much adhesive on the lash extensions and uncomfortable for the client.





We hope this post has been helpful to you, and that you now  feel educated to make environmental adjustments in your lashing studio. Learning about your lashing space can make a huge difference in the quality of your lash retention.

Image by Aki Lashes Ambassador @glambysusan


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