Adhesive Differences
How to Choose What's Right For You

Have you found your dream adhesive for lashing yet? Choosing the right glue for your lashing skill level and environment, will make or break your lashing times.
Here are three important factors to consider when purchasing an adhesive.
How long does it take you to place a lash extension?
What is the average temperature in your lashing space? 
How much moisture is in your lashing space?
Below you will find comprehensive specs for all Aki Lashes Adhesives, and recommendations based on skill level. Some adhesives are available in both black and clear formulas, this is a personal preference.
All of our adhesives are guaranteed 1 month after receiving them. Whether it is opened or unopened.
The recommended temperature and humidity levels are printed on the back of each glue bottle.
If you have any questions we would love to hear from you!
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