Why it's Important to Shake Your Adhesive

Are you shaking your adhesive properly? ⁠
If your adhesive drop comes out cloudy, inconsistent, and not completely black, then you may not have shook your bottle properly.⁠
Cyanoacrylate is an ingredient in all lash adhesives that ⁠needs to be mixed correctly with the black carbon coloring in your adhesive to properly lash. To start you should always make sure you are shaking your adhesive for 30 to 60 seconds before lashing. When shaking, do it in a side to side motion. Shaking your adhesive up and down may cause adhesive to run up your adhesive spout and clog your glue. You may not experience the clogging right away, but it can still happen. Worst case scenario would be if it clogs midway through your lash set while lashing your client.
When you shake your adhesive, remember that the goal is to completely mix the cyanoacrylate and the black carbon in your adhesive so that it comes out consistently black when lashing. If you see a cloudy outer ring around your drop, do not use the drop on your lashes and shake again. ⁠ Your adhesive will pour out as a cloudy gray liquid when not shaken properly. If you look closely, you may even notice this cloudy gray color right before the droplet falls on your palette, glue ring, or jade stone. This is another good indicator that the glue isn’t mixed well. Checking for a correct droplet before lashing can save you from having issues while lashing and can prevent your clients lashes from falling off early.
A properly shaken adhesive makes a HUGE difference in your clients retention and in applying lashes. ⁠
Happy Lashing!
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