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Aki Lashes

Pillow Shelf with Pillow

Pillow Shelf with Pillow

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Aki Lashes Acrylic Collection

Get a quicker, more organized, and efficient lashing space. 

Find yourself using the perfect product, to store your lash tools right next to you while lashing your clients!

The Pillow Shelf comes with:

   • A Comfortable Foam Pillow for Neck Support

   • 2 Shelving Units

   • Hollow Storage Area to keep your Products nearby 

   • 3 Areas to keep tweezers or brushes

   • Work Space for your Lash Tray and Adhesive

   • Made of High Quality Acrylic Material

   • Sturdy and Lightweight

   • Your Choice of Color: White or Black 


        - Length 23"

        - Width 8"

        - Height 5"

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