Irresistible Valentine's Day Gift Sets

Irresistible Valentine's Day Gift Sets

Love is in the air, and so are the perfect lash gift sets to spoil your babe!

This Valentine's Day, indulge yourself or surprise a loved one with our limited time Valentine's Day gift sets. Take care of those lashes and dress them in pink with our 3 gift sets.

  • Be Mine - $45 (Regular Price: $71): Cupid designed this himself! This set includes a pick up tweezer, pink lash tray, primer with vitamin E, pink sparkly brushes, and tape. Tag us on instagram @akilashes for we can repost your pink sets!
  • Cutie - $14 (Regular Price: $31): This gift set is a fan favorite, delivering a perfect blend of practicality and charm. Cutie features a foam lash shampoo, cleansing brush, pink sparkly brushes, and a stylish water bottle. Keep those lashes clean for date night!
  • XOXO - $35 (Regular Price: $51): Our gentle cream remover, works in only 15 minutes. Lather a good amount on an old lash set and let the cream remover work its magic to remove the old set. XOXO includes a cream remover, primer with vitamin E, applicator wands, and a chic water bottle. 

Sale Ends on Valentine's Day!! So act fast to secure these stunning lash gift sets at unbeatable prices that are up to 55% off. 

This Valentine's Day, give the gift of every lash enthusiast will love. Hurry and take advantage of our limited-time offer – because love is fleeting, but flawless lashes are forever!

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