Volume Lash Extension Class: Introductory Price of $699 (Reg $899)

Learn advanced volume styling techniques (prior volume lashing experience required)

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ADVANCED VOLUME STYLING CLASS 1-DAY: Introductory Price of $699 (Reg $899)

(Non-refundable deposit to hold your spot. Payment plans available

Please email academy@akilashes.com for more information on payment plans.) 

Description of the Class: 

*This class requires prior experience in volume lashing and fan making techniques. This is not a volume training class.

In this class you will learn advanced Volume lashing styling techniques, including how to use curls, diameters, and layers for expertly designed custom volume lash sets.

In addition to mastering the pinching fan technique you will learn how to make different styles of fans, style for specific eye shapes, learn corrections for common styling mistakes, use layering tape techniques, multi-layer mapping skills, how to build long term client relationships, and practice time on a live model (you are required to bring your own model.)




Class includes 2 lash trays, 1 tweezer, 1 lash tape, 1 lash adhesive.

You will have access to all additional materials needed to do your first lashes set during the class. Please be sure to arrange your model prior to class to ensure you can take full advantage of the live model learning experience. 


Eyelash extensions are great for any one who wants to simply their beauty routine, enhance their natural lashes, or transformation their lash look. This popular service is in high demand, and can grow into a profitiable business with low start up costs.

 Advanced Volume styling techies can allow you to offer lash extensions as a luxury custom service, elevating your craft and clientele.



How Much Money Can You Make?

Here is an example of your future income.


Volume Lash Extension Full Set

10 Clients a week @ $150 = $1,500/week

25 hours/week


Volume Lash Fills

15 Clients a week @ $80 = $1,200/week


There will be a 30min lunch break, lunch is not provided.


Certificate is presented at end of class.

Aki Lashes certificate is only to certify our lash training. Please check with your local state board for licensing requirements. 


In state of California you must be either a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician to perform eyelash extensions in a salon.  

Must be licensed cosmetologist or barber to perform lash lifts.


For additional questions, concerns, and payment plan options please contact us directly






Your Host

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Luxie has been in the beauty industry for 6+ years with extensive experience as a custom volume lash artist. Her exclusive celebrity clientele has helped her develop world class volume styling techniques and a diverse set of communication techniques for her long term clients.