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Aki Lashes

Jade Stone Lash Palette

Jade Stone Lash Palette

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Aki Lashes Jade Stone Lash Palette is the perfect tool to use while working on your clients. Lay out lashes for your clients before their appointment on our lash palette to reduce set up time.

-It contains 4 curved spaces made to help fan out lashes easier.

-Middle curves are steeper to help grab more lashes per fan and this is ideal for Mega-Volume Fans.

-There is a slot at the top, made perfectly for your Jade stone to rest in for smoother fanning to dipping method.

-Can be stored away safely after your appointment to keep lash strips ready for your next appointments.

*Jade Stone NOT included. Aki Lashes Jade Stone can be purchased separately and fits perfectly on Lash Palette.

Measurements: 5.5 cm x 10.5 cm



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