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Aki Lashes

L Curl - Volume Mixed Length Lashes

L Curl - Volume Mixed Length Lashes

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L curls are great for clients that have straight or downward pointing natural lashes.

Increases the volume giving an illusion of darker dramatic lashes.

These faux mink lashes have been carefully curated to be dark matte colored with perfectly tapered curls that fan out with ease.

Aki Lashes are made with synthetic fiber made to imitate the look and feel of mink.

Aki Lashes are 100% vegan.

-Size information removes with the strips for easy reference when working.

-16 rows of lashes in each tray

-Approximately 240 lashes each row = 2,880 lashes per case

-Available in 0.03, 0.05 and 0.07 diameter

-Available in lengths 8-11mm & 12-15mm

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