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Aki Lashes

Lash Tray Holder

Lash Tray Holder

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Aki Lashes Acrylic Collection


Organizing your Aki Lashes trays just got even easier! Check out our Clear Acrylic Lash Tray Holder, specially made for our patented Aki Lashes sliding trays.


• Stack the trays in the holder and pull out the lashes you need for lashing your client

• You can view the sizes of each lash tray in front of you

• Holds up to 6 Lash trays

• Optimize the limited space of your lashing station by stacking your trays in the lash tray holder

• Best of all, easily pick up the holder at the end of your lashing sessions and store it away with ease


  • Measurements:

        - Length 5 3/8"

        - Width 2 9/16"

        - Height 5 9/16"

        - Base 4 3/4"


6.9 oz

Silver logo on the base

Individual Lash Trays Not Included

Please note: Lashes are NOT included in the holder.

Made of High Quality Acrylic Material

Lash tray holder and lash trays are patented 

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