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Contoured Absorbent Lint-Free Eye Patch

Contoured Absorbent Lint-Free Eye Patch

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Our Contoured Absorbent Lint-Free Eye Patch comes in a container of 120 eye patches. The lint-free wipe works best for clients with sensitive eyes and its absorbent material is great for tearing eyes and protection of the eyelashes.


Clients with continually watery eyes?

The Contoured Absorbent Adhesive Eye Patch, sticks on top of your eyepatch or tape and stays in place to help absorb excess tearing from watery eyed clients.

Contoured shape helps to curve around the shape of the eye for easy placement.



-After applying preparing the eye using eye patches and or tape and after cleaning and priming the lashes.

-Remove the backing from the Contoured Absorbent Adhesive Eye Patch.

-With either eye open, or gently pulling back the eyelid, place the patch as close to the waterline as possible without touching he water line.

-The patch may not fit the shoe of the eye perfectly.

-Focus on applying the patch most importantly to the outer corner, as most moisture will collect in this area.

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