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Aki Lashes

White Collagen Gel Eye Patches

White Collagen Gel Eye Patches

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Lint free, pre-cut collagen gel eye patches.

For use under eyes during lash extension application.

-Now with clear packaging

-7.6 cm x 2.9 cm

-Bright white non-stick on one side to make lash application clear and frustration free.

-No tape required

-One size fits all, we have developed the perfect shape suited for all eye shapes.

-Sticks to oily skin

-Will not lift

-Thick patch for maximum collagen

-Available in black and white

Can also be used to help combat puffy eyes and dark under eyes as part of any beauty routine. Hydro-firming chemical-free gel patches refresh eyes without the use of harsh chemicals.

* Includes one (1) pair

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