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Wick Stop

Wick Stop

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Do you want to create fluffy sets, but your fans keep closing? We created something to help you master the spread of your fan.

Our new wick stop allows you to create custom fans in the desired width that you want.

It also keeps bases from splitting and makes them more defined.

Wicking is normal, but what is wicking?

When you dip your volume fans into adhesive, some adhesive will be pulled upward into the fan by something called “capillary action.” 

Our new Wick Stop is designed to help fans stay open, by stopping the wicking process. 

Wick Stop is great for volume lash artist and can be used with any fan making technique.


  • Apply sparingly 1-3mm above the base of the lash strip while the lashes are still attached to the lash strip
  • Fan using your desired method
  • Dip in adhesive and place onto isolated healthy lash
  • Reapply wick stop when the fans no longer stay open (for freshest quality, work in sections)


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